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The small cottage, stuga, from where one young Swede emigrated to America

Photo: Floyd Bush

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Did your family emigrate from Sweden to Amerika? 

Then explore our website to learn how to find out where in Sweden your ancestor came from. Then one day you might want to make that trip you dreamt about, across the Atlantic ocean, to visit the old homestead. You might even be able to find some of the cousins who live in Sweden today!  


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Every summer, and sometimes even in the spring and fall, starting in 2000, we have accompnied many of you to the homesteads or farms in Sweden where your ancestors once lived. It has been a great experience for you as well as for us. But my husband and I are getting older and we have had to decide that we have to slow down. So no more trips unfortunately, no more exciting drives on the backroads of Småland or Halland and walks into the woods to find the remnants of the little cottage where grandma was born and from where she and her parents and siblings emigrated to Amerika or Australia.

So are we just going to leave you to find your way on your own, from Stockholm to Dalarna, to the little village and farm? Please read more and I have a suggestion.











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