About us



Marie Louise and Lonny on one of our trips


I'm Marie Louise Bratt

I worked as a social worker for many years, then decided to focus all of my work hours on Bridge to Sweden.
This is my work of love: introducing you to all those wonderful places in Sweden and help you get to the places that are dear to me, Göteborg (where I was born), Stockholm (where I grew up), Norrtälje (where I now live), Skåne, Småland, Halland, Blekinge, Östergötland and so many more. And, of course, finding your relatives here in Sweden!

I'm Floyd Bush

also called Lonny, and I am a clockmaker, now working in Norrtälje, Sweden.I have loved traveling with many of you on the Swedish back roads, but unfortunately age takes out its rights and I will have to spend more time with my clocks. That is also fun, fortunately! 

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