Compass drawn by king Kristian in 1463, in Furusund near Norrtälje.

Photo: Marie Louise Bratt



Swedish letters or documents

If you don't understand those letters sent to grandma from Sweden, written in Swedish, I'll translate them for you. Documents, poems or notes on the back of a photo - no problem! 



Below is a letter from my grandpa's sister Laura, age 16, to her mother in Sweden, written after she emigrated to Boston. 

Do you have letters like this one, lying in a box or a drawer, that you wish you could read? You could, of course, take out your Swedish-English dictionary, but the writing might be difficult to read and the words old and sometimes a Swedish dialect was used.

I have been doing translations, from Swedish to English, for many years. Because I grew up in Sweden and therefore speak the language fluently, but also have lived in the USA for 30 years, I am very comfortable with both languages. 





Dorchester, 9 of september, 1903

Min kära älskade moder och kära syskon. 
Jag vill skrifva några få ord till er i kväll och tala om att jag har god hälsa och mår bra. Jag har i dag afsänt 55 kr i ett money order, 45 till dig mamma, 10 kr till lillebror. Äfvenså har jag varit till M. idag. Där fick jag ett kort. Jag har fått så många nu på en kort tid så jag vet inte om jag tackat H. för dem alla. Morbror Th tyckte så mycket om det kort med fl.och gossen så han bad om det and jag gav honom det. Hoppas Henry inte blir ond för det.




Dorchester, September 9, 1903

My dearest and loved mother and dear brothers and sister. I want to write a few words to you tonight and tell you that I'm in good health and am doing fine. I have today sent 55 kronor as a money order,45 for you mother and 10 to my little brother. Anyway I went to see M. today. There I received a card. I have received so many now in a short time that I don't know if I have thanked H. for them all. Uncle Th liked the card with the girl and the boy so much and asked me for it , so I gave it to him. I hope Henry will not get mad at me for that.




$25 for 100 words, with a  minimum fee of $25. If it's really difficult to read your letter, the charge might be higher. 

  1. Words are sometimes very difficult to read, even impossible.
  2. Letters might include words that are not proper Swedish, but a dialect or a mixture of Swedish and English, with even some Norwegian mixed in. 
  3. At times words are also grossly misspelled. 

In all those cases I will do my best to translate the word anyway, but I want you to know that it is not always possible. 

Please send me the letters or records you would like me to translate, either scanned, by e-mail, or by regular mail. I will look through the material and then tell you the cost. This estimate is free! I start to work on the translations only after your approval.   

Send your letters or documents

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