Come home to Sweden!

Old house at Södermalm

Can you really go back home?

Of course, you can... to that farm or homestead, where your Swedish family lived and where your grandparents married, in a small country church. I can help you get there, to that little village in Sweden that your family left behind, and walk those streets, where grandpa walked and played as a child, so long ago. 

An experience you'll never forget!

Listening to many of those who went back to Sweden, to the home of those who emigrated, has convinced me of many people's strong need  to reconnect with their past - and remake those ties that were once broken. Going back to that village and that farm could be deeply meaningful to you also.  And even more special: to meet your relatives there!

We'll help you make that trip all you hoped for

My husband, Lonny, and I spent many summers traveling with Americans, Canadians, Australians and others through Sweden, visiting the places where their ancestors lived. We drove our vans on winding country roads, and arrived at the small cottage where grandpa or grandma lived. We visited old churches, often as old as from the 12th century,  where a grandparent was baptized or great grandparents married. So many moving, exciting, wonderful times with many of you! Not to mention the times we spent with your Swedish relatives, leaning over old photographs, family charts and old letters. Let's not forget all the great meals we shared with your Swedish cousins. Who could forget those Småland cheese cakes...

Friendships developed across the ocean and many of you traveled again across the oceans to visit you newly found  Swedish relatives. Many of the Swedes also visited you in the USA, in Canada, in Australia and New Zealand.

However, we got older, Lonny and I, and realized that we no longer have the stamina for all that travel after 18 years. We had taken a break a few years ago, but returned since we kept missing these wonderful trips. Now we have to stop. With much regret!

I can still help you with that trip though! This is what I can do:

  • Help you plan how to go from the Swedish airport (usually Arlanda in Stockholm) to the little town where your family lived. You might want to rent a car and drive there, or perhaps take the train or a bus, all depending upon your destination and your interests.
  • Find the town and village you'll want to visit and even help you to find detailed maps to guide you.
  • Find a knowledable person in the area who can help you find the cottage, even if only a foundation and an apple tree remains. Often I can find someone who speaks English. 
  • I can also do the necessary research for you and, if you wish, find your Swedish relatives, the descendants of those who reamined in Sweden.
  • If this interests you, send me all you know about the emigrant from Sweden, (see research page), send it all to me,  and I'll give you a proposal with my fees. 

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